About Artwork

About Artwork

Each lenticular art is a labour of love, requiring several months of dedication and hundreds of hours to bring to life. The creation process begins with the initial drawing, where Celine meticulously designs the artwork with intricate details and precision. This stage involves careful planning and artistic skill to ensure that the final result meets the artist's vision.

After the initial drawing is complete, the artwork undergoes a meticulous process of preparation before it is ready for printing. Specialized software is used to process the artwork, optimizing it for the lenticular printing technique. This step involves transforming the artwork into a format that the printer can interpret and translate into the final product.

The printing phase is an equally time-consuming and delicate process. The lenticular printer, designed specifically for creating these unique artworks, takes on the task of transferring the processed artwork onto the lenticular material. Each individual frame of the artwork is precisely aligned and printed to ensure seamless transitions and accurate representation of the desired 3D and motion effects.

One interesting aspect of the creation process is that each lenticular art piece has its own unique challenges. Due to the complexity of the design and the specific requirements of the artwork, the creation process can differ significantly from one piece to another. The artist and the production team often face hurdles and obstacles along the way, that require creativity and problem-solving skills to overcome.

In some cases, the creation of a lenticular art may necessitate numerous iterations and samples. The process of trial and error is an integral part of achieving the desired outcome. Celine may have to experiment with different techniques, materials, and configurations to ensure that the final artwork meets her high standards of quality and visual appeal. This iterative process can sometimes involve producing over a hundred samples until the perfect combination is discovered, bringing the artwork to life in a seamless and captivating manner.

Celine's arts offer a captivating and immersive visual experience. The specialization of this art form lies in the printing technique utilized, which incorporates 20 frames into each artwork to allow smooth transitions between varying perspectives. This technique gives the art its dynamic characteristic, as the images appear to come alive with each shift in the viewer's position or angle. Moreover, the vibrant coloration in these artworks is achieved through the precise use of an inkjet printer, paired with a specially developed technique and very special lenses made of glass, not plastic. This technology allows for the creation of intricate details, sharp lines, and rich hues, greatly enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the art piece.

In terms of materials used, these artworks significantly stand out from others in the market due to their incorporation of high-quality elements. Particularly, the lenses, a crucial component of lenticular arts, are crafted from special glasses, a marked departure from the typical plexiglass lenses found in other works. This use of superior-quality lenses brings an added layer of excellence, ensuring clear, crisp visuals that allow viewers to appreciate the depth and intricacies of the artwork fully. In essence, these lenticular arts not only provide a dynamic visual experience with their combination of 3D and motion effects and vibrant colors but also set a new standard in the market with the use of exclusive materials, captivating audiences with their unparalleled depth and movement.

Celine's lenticular art creations are an unparalleled blend of innovation, artistry, and precision, crafted over several months of unwavering dedication and hundreds of hours of meticulous work. Each artwork, uniquely challenging, requires an iterative process of countless trials and experimentations with techniques and materials to distill the most captivating essence. Setting a new industry standard, we employ a specialized inkjet printing technique and high-quality special glass lenses, a significant leap from the conventional plexiglass. The result is not just an artwork, but an immersive experience of vibrant colours, unrivalled depth, and dynamic movement, each piece a masterstroke pushing the boundaries of lenticular art, unmatched in the market.

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