Sassy Sisters

Sassy Sisters

Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of the ‘Allure Collection’. These captivating, limited-edition 3D masterpieces transcend the usual confines of the 2-dimensional space, offering a mesmerizing depth that teases the senses.

‘Sassy Sisters’ is an exemplar of this collection, a beautifully orchestrated symphony of sisterhood that seems to spring to life as you gaze upon it. The artwork captures the vibrancy and vitality of sibling bonds, drawing all sisters together in an endearing visual narrative.

The Allure Collection is not just art – it is an interactive experience that elevates your living or workspace. Come, step into the magic!

Dimensions Available:
59″ x 45″ (150cm x 114cm)
72″ x 55″ (183cm x 140cm)
85″ x 65″ (216cm x 165cm)

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