Introducing ‘The Stars Collection’, a captivating limited-edition array of 3D art that draws your eye into its alluring depth, where a two-dimensional image unfolds into a living, breathing spectacle.

Our inaugural piece, ‘Madonna,’ draws inspiration from the elegant lens of famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier. Like a celestial body brought to life, Madonna appears to break free from the confines of her frame, engaging viewers with a vibrant energy that seems to pulsate with each glance.

The majesty of Madonna is available in three distinct sizes:

  • 38″ x 45″ (97cm x 114cm) – a modest showcase of artistic splendor.
  • 46″ x 55″ (117cm x 140cm) – an impressive statement piece that elevates any space.
  • 55″ x 65″ (140cm x 165cm) – a grand display for the truly discerning art connoisseur.

Bring the magic of The Stars Collection into your space and let Madonna radiate her charm throughout your home or workspace.

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