Introducing ‘Kate’ – a breathtaking journey into the fiery dynamic world of smoke, and an exclusive part of our ‘Smoking Gun’ collection. Kate is more than just motion art, it’s an encapsulation of an iconic persona, featuring one of the most memorable quotes of supermodel Kate Moss, revealed in the dancing smoke as you move around it.

This artwork is not just visually entrancing with the nebulous swirls of smoke that come alive with your every movement, but it also engages your mind with the cryptic, yet captivating, words of Moss herself. It’s a dynamic canvas that presents a dramatic spectacle of motion and iconic wisdom that leaves a lingering impression.

Every piece in our limited edition ‘Smoking Gun’ collection, especially ‘Kate’, brings an edgy, contemporary vibe to any space. Available in the following dimensions:

  • 24″ x 24″ (61cm x 61cm)
  • 36″ x 36″ (91cm x 91cm)
  • 48″ x 48″ (122cm x 122cm)

Experience the magic of motion art combined with the resonating words of a style icon with ‘Kate’, the perfect addition to your curated collection or a striking standalone piece.

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